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Lackland AFB

Resource and Referral Program

For Information: Contact the Resource and Referral Coordinator

Telephone: (210) 671-3376 or (210) 671-3380
DSN 473-3376

Fax: (210) 671-0276
DSN 473-0280


Office Hours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday


Resource & Referral(Child Development Child Care Waiting List)

Bldg. 8206
Telephone: 671-3380/2440/3675


Office Hours 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday


POC for Family Child CareLinda Salazar
Family Child Care (FCC)(Home Child Care Program)

Bldg. 6629
Telephone: 671-3376/3379


The 802D FSS Group Family Members Program operates three child care development centers for dependents of active duty members, reservists, national guardsmen, DOD employees, contractors on JBSA-Lackland, and retirees. The waiting time for an available slot for 6 weeks to 35 months is approximately three to six months; often, but not always, there are immediate openings for 36 months – 5 years in the child development centers located on Lackland and Port San Antonio.

Customers need not travel to the three child care development centers located on Lackland and Port San Antonio to request child care; just stop by and visit our “center hub” at our Resource and Referral office, at 1531 Connally Street (Bldg 6629). If you wish, you may fax the “Child Care Request Package” to the Resource and Referral office to register for our child care centers.


Child Care Request Package

A Copy of PCS Orders

Request for Care: DD Form 2606 (Completed)

CDC Waiting List Parents' Survey (Completed)

Child Placement Questionnaire (Completed)

Waiting List Memorandum of Understanding (Completed)

Lackland Special Needs Medical Profile (Completed if Child Has Special Needs)


Once a copy of your PCS orders and a completed child care request package are received in the Resource and Referral office, the coordinator will determine your child's priority and place your child on the waiting list. Once you have arrived in San Antonio, you must stop by or call the Resource and Referral office to inform the coordinator that you are in the local area and update any information (work number(s), email address, home number, cell phone etc). At that time, the Resource & Referral Coordinator will inform you if there is an available slot in one of three child development centers or will assist you with finding care in Family Child Care. A current list of licensed child care providers who offer care in their homes, on and off base, can be emailed to you in advance of your arrival.





Returning Home Care



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Lackland AFB

Family Child Care Program

Do you enjoy helping young children grow and develop? Are you interested in adding to your family's income?


Become a Family Child Care Provider

A Home Away From Home - Where Children Learn Through Play!


Are you interested in having your own business within the flexibility of your own home? Family Child Care is looking for individuals interested in caring for children. There is a continuous need for infant care. All start-up loan materials and training are provided by the Family Child Care Office. For more information, contact the FCC office at 671-3380 or 671-3376 or come by building 6629 to pick up a provider application.


The FCC Office is open: Monday -Friday, 8:00 - 5:00


- Manage Your Own Business
- Set Your Own Hours and Fees.
- Resource Center (check out items free of charge)
- Transferable Career
- Free Training
- Professional Development
- USDA/CACFP Food Program
- Subsidy Program


Air Force Instruction 34-276 Family Child Care Programs prohibits the use of privatized or base quarters for child care unless licensed by the 802D Mission Support Group commander. Additionally, unlicensed providers are not permitted to advertise in base publications or post advertisements on base bulletin boards. Licensed homes can be identified by the FCC logo displayed in the window or on the front door. For more information, contact the FCC office at 671-3380 or 671-3376



The office is located near Trumper St. and Walker Ave, on Connally St. This facility is located across the street from the Reed Clinic and is in the same building as Government Printing. Also located in this office is the USDA Food Program sponsorship and monitoring office and the Resource and Referral Office that manages the waiting list for all base child development programs.


Location of Homes

FCC homes are located on Main Lackland, Medina Training Annex, Kelly Field and off-base locations. The 802D Mission Support Group Commander licenses these homes. The off-base affiliate homes must be must live within 10 miles of the FCC Office and must be registered with the Texas State Department of Human Services prior to attending FCC training or being affiliated through JBSA-Lackland.


Training and Licensing

Each provider must have a family interview in their home and attend orientation training, First Aid and CPR classes. Background checks are accomplished on every person in the home 12 years of age and older. In the first eighteen months, every provider must successfully complete the FCC modules developed for Family Child care in provider's home. Once the modules are complete, each provider must complete 24 clock hours of training each year. The FCC panel, consisting of the Family Services Branch Chief, the FSS Deputy and the 802D Mission Support Group Deputy, will grant a Standard License or Affiliate Certificate for 12 months. The panel also determines how many children each provider will be authorized for care.


Unlicensed Care

Only licensed providers may provide care in government quarters. It is illegal for anyone in government quarters to provide more than 10 hours of care in a week or any amount of care on a regular or recurring basis.  Failure to comply could result in loss of base housing privileges or possible personal liability suits.  Families should be aware that the United States Air Force is not liable for problems occurring in unlicensed care.

Subsidy Program

The Family Child Care subsidy program will help working parents find high quality and affordable child care services. Parents seeking full-time child care services will be set in one of the six categories based on the family's total annual income and pay the same rates in FCC homes as they would at one of the child care centers or school age programs at Lackland. Families eligible for the subsidy program at JBSA-Lackland are active duty members, DOD employees, and Armed Forces retirees who have dependents between 6 weeks to 12 months of age and who are on the waiting list for the child development center. Additionally, the subsidy program is offered to dependents with special needs and dependents needing child care services during swing and midnight shifts. For additional information, contact the Family Child Care Office at 671-3380, 671-3376.

Expanded Child Care Programs
Returning Home Care

The Returning Home program is designed to provide an opportunity for deployed parents to become reacquainted with their family. The Returning Home Care program offers deployed parents up to 16 hours of free child care, per child, aged 12 years and under. Eligible users are active duty members, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members returning from 30 day- or more OPERATION Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) deployments (not for regular deployments). The Returning Home Care program is offered exclusively in the Extended Child Care FCC home. For additional information contact the Family Child Care Office at 671-3380, 671-3376.


Extended Duty Care

Extended Duty Child Care Program offers child care in a licensed FCC home to parents who require child care arrangements beyond the normal 50 hours a week. This program is available to active duty military, reservists, and DOD employees who need care for mission-related duty, extended workdays, temporary shift changes, unplanned weekend duty, and rapid mobilization or deployment.

Before any eligible person may use this program there are two requirements to fulfill;

1. The eligible person's supervisor must e-mail a memorandum to the FCC coordinator.
2. In addition, the eligible person must sign a contract and completed AF Form 1181 with the family child care provider.

Both a sample of the supervisor’s email and the contract may be found at forms at the bottom of this page.

For additional information contact the Family Child Care Office at 671-3380, 671-3376.


PCS Care

A PCS move is never easy and children can feel stressed too. The intent of this program is to provide parents the opportunity to have their children cared for while they are getting ready to leave a base or arriving at a new base....while packing, unpacking, in-processing, house hunting, attending briefings, etc. The Family Child Care office in collaboration with Airman & Family Readiness and the Air Force Aid Society provide the child care only in licensed Family Child Care homes for the PCS program. (Contact Resource and Referral for a list of license providers @ 210-671-3380 or DSN 473-3380.) Certificates are issued by the Family Support Center, bldg 1249, 2160 Kenley Ave or at the Military Personnel Flight, bldg 1249, 1561 Stewart Street, to active duty member or spouse on PCS orders either arriving at JBSA-Lackland or departing. (Please bring one copy of your orders.) Certificates are good for child care within 60 days of issue. Certificates must be shown at the time care is provided to verify eligibility.


Volunteer Care

Those who volunteer through the Red Cross, Air Force Aid Society and Family Support Center for twenty or more hours a week are eligible to receive free child care services in a licensed FCC home. Certificates are issued by the Family Support Center, Bldg 1249, 2160 Kenley Ave or at the Military Personnel Flight, Bldg 5616, 1561 Stewart Street. Certificates must be shown at the time of care to verify eligibility. For additional information, contact the Resource and Referral or Family Child Care office at 671-3380, 671-3791 or 671-3376


USDA Program


Family Child Care providers participate in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program. This program reimburses providers for meals to the children in their care, including their own. It also ensures the children are receiving nutritious and well-balanced meals and that providers receive financial compensation for participating.


USDA Coordinator:
Marguerite Moore
Telephone: (210) 671-3379, DSN 473-3379
Fax: (210) 671-0276, DSN 473-0276




Providers’ Monthly Report

Family Day Care License Application (AF Form 1928)

FCC Conviction Statement

EDC Statement

HCC Statement

RHC Statement

Begin Your Own Government Quarters or Home-Based Business


Far from a simple baby-sitting service, you can become a child care professional with USAF Family Child Care. At minimal cost, you can operate your own government quarters or home-based business, set your own hours and begin to care for children on an hourly, part day, full-day or extended basis,.  This business would allow you to be with your own children, and help them and other children develop and learn, all with the comforts of home.   

The Family Child Care program makes it easy for you to nurture and care for children in the friendly, warm environment of your own home with free training in the following areas:

- Preparing Your Home for Family Child Care
- Marketing Your Business
- CPR First Aid
- Nutrition/Menu Planning
- Guiding Children’s Behavior
- And Much More!

In addition to the training, a free lending program allows you to set up your business. The Resource Center offers extensive equipment and supplies, there is everything you need-from books to outdoor play equipment. The lending program also includes a wide range of child development and safety items such as games, toys, gates, first-aid kits, electrical outlet covers, pack & plays, and general supplies. Visit our program to view the myriad of choices offered.

For more information on becoming a provider, please contact the FCC Coordinator at 671-3376 or 671-3380.

Complete and submit to the Family Child Care Office at
Bldg. 6629
1531 Connally Street
JBSA-Lackland AFB, TX 78236



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